The Langer’s Deli #19

1. #19 from Langer’s Deli in downtown LA – This is possibly the best piece of Pastrami in the country, it’s hand cut and it just drips warm fat all over the place as you bite into it. They bake the rye bread fresh every hour, so your sandwich is always delicious. The only catch is, they are only open until 4pm… Damn!

My sweet 3-way 2 blond girl sandwich

2. One blond girl / ME / Another blond girl – The reason I like this one is pretty straight forward. It would involve me having sexual relations with 2 blond girls (the best kind of girls) simultaneously. I like that because it is something I consider erotic and cool.

3. A Fat Guy / A Thin Guy / Another Fat Guy – This isn’t sexual at all. I just like the idea of the three guys standing together in an extremely symmetrical and interesting way. This sandwich only gets better when you put them in confined spaces, like tool sheds or phone booths or rollercoaster seats (seriously – that thin guy’s face is ALWAYS hilarious).

Ice Cream Sammiches!

4. Ice Cream Version – At the grocery store, frozen food section. They are the oblong rectangular snacks that feature chocolate cookie style slabs with vanilla ice cream in between. Don’t have any money? You can make an Ice Cream Sandwich at home by rocking a scoop of ice cream between two classic chocolate chip cookies.

5. Me / Ashley from SD / Ron from SD – Ron and Ashley picked me up at a bar in Pacific beach – they were both at least mid fifties, and the sex was less than “protected”… Probably why it made the list.


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  1. Ron from SD open-faced….not bad either.

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