Daly ’08 – Best Golf Game EVER.

The “everyman” golfer is back with a game that combines chain smoking, gluttony, severe alcoholism, the shakes, guy/girl tits AND golf!
  • “Turbo Mode” – Rush through the course after showing up 45 minutes late for your tee time.
  • “Older Ladies Gone Wild” – grab as many titties as you can before your wife finds out.
  • “Marlboro Mode” – Try to match the number of strokes to the number of cigarettes smoked on the hole.
  • “Booze Franchise” – Take your career from promising to shambles by making sure you consume enough alcohol per week to kill a fraternity.”
  • “Create-a-Daly” New weight limit goes from 250lbs -800lbs! Also, now 4 ugly haircuts to choose from (buzz cut, bowl cut, mullet, and prince from Shrek.)
  • “Golf Mode”

9 Responses

  1. His Alcoholism is keeping people from digging this post! But he had so much potential!

  2. He just got signed by Old Granddad for their “Every shot is a hole in one” campaign.

  3. I like that you can choose from four ugly haircuts!

  4. Maybe next year they will include the rat tail! Or u can give him Tiger Woods hair!

  5. Now with appropriately rosey cheeks for more comfortable drunken strokes!

  6. Ha, damn I love that guy!

  7. Poor John, or pour John is the poster child for how slowly alcohol can and will destroy an alcoholic’s life and the lives of those around him.

    The disease is patient to let John keep thinking he’ll be ok sooner or later while it slowly takes away everything he has or could have and destroys everything good in his life.

    I hope many otherwise talented people learn from John’s experience. Alccoholism is a nasty disease but it can be treated. God bless!

  8. HA! POUR JOHN!!!

    Otherwise, what a sobering comment. So sobering in fact, that I need a drink.

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. My prayer for John is to find himself again…I was once lost too! It takes one to know one… and I know him well… He is a winner! Right now he is surrounded by some real losers i.e. HOOTERS ect. (Friends don’t let friends go to HOOTERS) Don’t underestimate good “The Lion”… He’s in (life) for the long distance…

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