New Wine Company Markets to… Mormons?

Drinking Wine and Having Two Wives… Not bad!

When you don’t have the time in the day to remember to pick up the dry-cleaning for your wife, how on earth can you remember what kind of wine to pick up for your other wife? At Bigamy Wines, we believe that cheating on your wife with your second wife shouldn’t just feel right, it should taste right too. With a different varietal for every palate, and a meritage that rates with bottles over a hundred dollars more expensive, you’ll never have to look anywhere else for high-end wines at low prices.

Bigamy Wines – Romancing your second wife never tasted so good.

*** There have got to be a million different taglines they could have had that are better than this, right? Feel free to comment with your own takes on this creepy wine ***


6 Responses

  1. This is why you don’t marry creepy gnomes first!!

  2. There is soooooo much wrong with this.
    Here are 2

    1. the Pratice of Poligamy was banned by the “Mormon” church long ago and it is your sterotype that lingers on this issue that gives rist to the idea that it is commonly accepted in this church to have more than one spouse.

    2. “Mormons” do not drink Wine. 7UP is much better. Chrisp and Clean and no Caffeene…

  3. Poligamy is such a stereotype! EVERYBODY knows that its all about the Bigamy now!


    Just kidding – I know that the Church of Latter Day Saints doesn’t condone poligamy, but there are multiple people in the country who still practice it – the numbers are in the thousands actually… and a good percentage of these are fundamental / old school renegade mormons.

    That being said – I also assume that it’s a non-alcoholic wine, but maybe Bigamy wines is just misinformed altogether.

  5. are mormons real?

    i thought they were mythical like el chupacabra or Jesus…

  6. There is one living mormon: ANDY REID.

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