Normal Non-Toxic Things that are Weird to Eat


Here is a useful list we’ve compiled. We’ve brainstormed some “things” that are non-toxic, but would probably be weird to be caught eating in public. Hopefully this list will assist you in your everyday life. If you are eating any of these things, we would suggest you respectfully do so in private.

  • a tomato as though it were an apple.
  • a cat
  • a friend
  • a neighbor
  • an uncooked egg
  • a stick
  • a pine cone
  • a popsicle stick
  • straws
  • Bubble Tape
  • crayons
  • ideas
  • rides
  • Beach Boys
  • devils
  • sounds
  • fatigue
  • teachers
  • divorces
  • keywords
  • A bag of used teeth.
  • dust
  • Maury Povich’s sense of morality
  • John Entwistle’s wardrobe
  • new men
  • the history of Santorini
  • lice
  • postcards of A seagull at the beach
  • a celery stalk without using your teeth.
  • The Enola Gay
  • tub bubbles
  • scrot (jive for “scrotum”)
  • ambition
  • crow
  • literacy
  • illiteracy
  • Beck’s Jams
  • post-its

Anything we missed? Let us know.


6 Responses

  1. How about the right ear of an ice sculpture of Barry Manilow

  2. I’m going to go ahead and say it – THAT’S PRETTY WEIRD!

  3. Wait a second, the right ear of an ice sculpture of Barry Manilow is a WEIRD thing to eat? I thought ice parts was a food group.

  4. there are several parts of a cat that is toxic…..the pancreas for one, the others being the kidney of an older cat that would be loaded with toxins. Not to mention that most humans are in SOMEway allergic to the felines. so an entire fluffy cat would at the very least cause acid reflux. I would try a kitten first and work your way up to injured hyena.

    certain scrots arent that weird in mysterious far off lands….such as San Fransisco. it is usually just an extra charge

  5. in what world are divorces not toxic?

  6. Neptune and Underworld.

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