The Most Adorable Knights of the Cutest Table!

There have been plenty of well known knights throughout actual and fake history. However, under their suits, are usually sweaty gross men. However, there have been some absolutely precious little knights that would even make a dragon want to peel away their armor and cuddle with them. Here are three of the most adorable knights of the cutest table!


3. Buster the Puppy Heart


Buster the Puppy Heart fought in the Third Pawsade. He fought in a place called Arf-a-lot. He was the commander of his army, which was fighting against the Byzantine Dolphin Army. The commander of the opposing army was Saladolphin. Saladolphin had a bigger navy but Buster was smarter, had a bigger heart, and better sense of smell. He used these skills to beat them, thus earning the title Buster the Puppy Heart. The reason the title fits him is because he is a VERY BRAVE little puppy.


2. Knight Pippinsworth


The legend of the Knight Pippinsworth started somewhere between 1258 and 1262 A.D. His father was the King of Lions. His mother, Dame Plummy had died of a carriage collision and Pippinsworth was the oldest of his siblings, so at age 1 week, became the man of the house. Pippinsworth was an original Knight of the Cutest Table. Pippinsworth was a great swordsmen and had deadly claws. He was the first to train AND eat mice. He became a great knight at the young age of 1 month, saved many people, and fought for what he believed in. But even though he was strong and adorable, he had his problems. It all started when he went to Taffy Village to pick up his Uncle Toofie’s bride, Big Steve. But when they came back they accidentally drank a love potion and loved each other from then on.

1. Sir Little Kev Jr –



Little Kev Jr. was Pippinsworth’s right-hand knight. There are many tales about Sir Little Kev Jr., such as his quest for the Holy Binky. He was a noble Knight of the Cutest Table. Lancelot had been through many battles along side Pippinsworth, such as against the tiny dragons of Little Flame Roost. No one really knows how he died. There are many different theories.Some say he was killed by a living knight of Fire Toddler’s army after he tossed Excali-rattler in the lake after Pippinsworth’s death. Some say he died of old age. Some say it was SIDS.



3 Responses

  1. LOVE the puppy
    LOVE the kitten
    INDIFFERENT towards the baby, but probably closer to HATE the baby

    also dolphins would probably win if my gut tells me anything :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  2. But fake history says they didn’t!

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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