A Special Report on the Prom

We sent our special correspondents, Dumpster Baby and Homeless Guy, to the prom.


Here’s what they had to say:

DB: It reminded me of my prom, actually my birthday.
HG: Yeah, wasn’t that when your mom had you in the bathroom during the penultimate slow dance and threw you in the dumpster?
DB: That’s right. She made it back to the dance just in time for the Dave Matthews song “Crash”.
HG: That’s so romantic.
DB: Anyway, back to this prom. The food was okay. Ms. Jenkins wasn’t too much of a cunt and turned her back when Dan slipped a finger into Sally’s snatch.
HG: Wasn’t she Chad Snow’s date?
DB: Sure was. Sure was.
HG: What a real bad friend.
DB: You said it, man.


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