Feeling hollow inside? Yeah me too… Let’s make a list.

Things That Are Really Disheartening To Me
  • I couldn’t save her.
  • No store will allow me to redeem my coupon for one free hug.
  • When my weaker kids get taken away in the talons of tiny falcons
  • The fact that you can’t stay pretty.
  • Maury Povich’s exceedingly monogamous relationship with Connie Chung.
  • Stubs where things used to be.
  • Watching my son play videogames, knowing that he’s failing because of the short, short unreliable thumbs he inherited from me.
  • When parents are framed
  • Watching my legs shrink.
  • $.39 hamburger days at McDonalds are only a memory now.
  • When it seems like nobody, including myself know what jungle beards are
  • That the sun only has 1 billion years left
  • The strength of a mother still not being enough to lift the car.
  • I shot a kid
  • Dissecting living things at gunpoint
  • Colonial influence on the otherwise beautiful Phillipino architecture.
  • Falling from high places into crowded streets
  • Invisible enemies
  • Tasers are played out.

    P.S. – What bums you out? C’mawn, drop knowledge in our comments.


      19 Responses

      1. – Arranged weddings
        – That I’ll never have an “X” in my name
        – Adding/removing keys from my keychain (what a pain!)
        – Fuck it, all weddings
        – Poorly timed boners
        – Angler fish

      2. – When people misspell “Filipino”
        – Crabs
        – Finding leftover food in my moustache because it never tastes quite as good the next day
        – Hillary Clinton’s refusal to show cleavage to garner more votes

      3. You have a moustache?

      4. hahahaha – misspelling of filipino!

        Oh god, I kind of want hillary as president for a lot of reasons – but one of which are those sweet t’s.

        also: poorly timed boners! 🙂 good additions!

      5. i own your moustache. that’s why it’s no fun finding food in it.

      6. I love that this was tagged under “tiny falcons”. I wonder how many more times that tag will show up

      7. hahaha angler fish dishearten you?

      8. Have you seen an angler fish? They’re hideous! And they probably live very morose lives. Swimming around in a blackened abyss with a single light burning in your face your whole life…just the whole concept is a huge downer!

      9. But they have shiny dangling things!

      10. That’s what she said

      11. fillipino?

        who gives a shit…..get your head outta your immigrant ass….nobody cares.

        cheeseburgers were only 39cents IF there was cheese on them.

      12. Fozzie RIPPIN SHIT UP!

      13. seriously…..who gives a shit about philipilionos?

        its like…are u spanish ’cause ya speak it…or asian ’cause ya look like it?

        its very confusing…….you cant decide WHAT you are, but we have to spell the insignificant race correctly?

        F U INDA A

      14. “its like…are u spanish ’cause ya speak it…or asian ’cause ya look like it?”

        my head just exploded.

      15. Conjunctivitis… It’s like AIDS for the eye.

      16. The thing i find the MOST disheartening is the shit comments on this page… Make me laugh clowns.

        Scotty B will throw you a bone. We’ll start a new list…

        Things More Disheartening than the cancellation of Quantum Leap…

        1. Nothing, you fucking idiots. Go fuck yourselves.

      17. I’ll second that, actually.

        Quantum Leap was / is a righteous piece of TV.

      18. I’ll have to check with Ziggy, but I think you might be right. Oh shit, Al just materialized inside my anus.

      19. I miss real good slow dancing music with some one who really wants me for me…and not for my body! It sucks being so handsome, knowledgeable and sexy, no one takes me seriously! You would think that those days were behind me, like back in high school, about 35 years ago! I GIVE UP!

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