Nadbury Cream Eggs

So we thought of a brilliant Easter themed piece, about how Cadbury creme eggs are made.  The execution of this idea would mean photoshopping a man “fertilizing” the Easter Bunny’s eggs.  Upon searching for Easter Bunny images, it seems like someone has beaten us to the punch!  I stumbled across one of the pictures below, and found a review for a site called “”  I didn’t know the Easter Bunny was so COOL!  Here are some of the fantastic CENSORED pictures TCFW (totally cool for work!).  And I lead, with the intended joke…. HOW CADBURY CREME EGGS ARE MADE: 

Cadbury Cream Egg 1 

Cadbury Creme Eggs 2

 Cadbury Creme Eggs 3

 Because its inter-species, he can fuck them “hareback!”


4 Responses

  1. I’d impregnate those eggs

  2. fertilizing eggs can lead to chicks… so THAT’S what’s going on here…

  3. it all makes sense now

  4. Glad we could clarify!

    Can’t wait to post the next all female nudity post in the morning!

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