Kid Zone!

Hey Moms and Dads,
Looking for a totally awesome place to unload your little ones this summer? Try KIDZONE, where Kids rule! Kidzone is an exclusive “camp” that lets your kid do what he’s always dreamed of: KICK-SOME-BUTT!!!!

No training required! You pay for the ticket, we’ll take care of all the cool stuff! We’ll put your special little guy right on the front lines* of some of the hottest third-world battlefields out there. We’ve got Kidzones in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, AND NOW Burma (JUST LIKE RAMBO!!!)

Here are some of the things you’re kid will do/learn at Kidzone!

  • Kill or Be Killed!
  • Obey
  • Execute (pun intended!)
  • Battlefield amputations
  • Enjoy the spoils of war
  • Use Classic American Weapons!
  • Torture
  • Evade Tiny Falcons
  • Learn to Shut Up
  • Hate!

*Disclaimer – child may or may not live.


9 Responses

  1. usually I try to have a witty comment….or in myu head I do,,,,,but this just made me spit gaterade G2 all over my computer screen…lol

  2. I can’t believe you photoshopped kids holding guns!

    oh wait – that’s real.

    I’m sad now.

  3. NOT!

  4. I can’t believe you drink G2! Fruit Punch or Orange?

  5. Tiny Falcons!

  6. George, I’m beginning to think that Tiny Falcons are going to take control of our entire tag swarm on the right…

    Do you feel responsible?


  7. i have tried the orange and the fruit ppunch thus far, trying the grape today.,…..trying desperately to stay hydrated

  8. let’s say my kids come back without enjoying the spoils of war. do i get my money back?

  9. If you’re kids come back, then you get the biggest prize of all – a kid with aids!

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