Fat Guy Sees Grilled Cheese in Virgin Mary Painting

Fat Guy Sees Grilled Cheese

Lately, The Virgin Mary has been popping up in all sorts of seemingly random items: fences, grilled cheese, dirt stains, bricks etc. The religious will see a sign from their god in any way they think it comes. This kind of pareidolia is quite common in people who are aided by their desire to reinforce their belief in a tangible god. But, as we’ve seen recently with the Illinois-shaped corn flake, pareidolia isn’t just for the religious.

Recently, heavyset Wes Gurbel of Sarasota placed a seemingly typical original Virgin Mary painting ( Madonna Dell Granduca by Raphael) on Ebay. The painting has already reached an astonishing $784.30!! Before you jump out of your overalls thinking “who would pay that much for an original Raphael?,” you may want to take a closer look.

Gurbel claims the painting contains the image of beloved comfort food, grilled cheese. If you looks closely at the halo above baby Jesus, you can see what “appears” to be grilled cheese. Is it a sign from his hungry belly? Whether or not you think its actually grilled cheese rather than just another boring halo by Raphael, doesn’t seem to be impacting the bidding, which is projected to go as high as $1,200.00. It’s really amazing how credulous some fat people can be.

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10 Responses

  1. Can’t see the grilled cheese cause I can’t take my eyes off the Virgin Mary’s tits know what I’m saying boys?

  2. don’t lie. you were looking at gurbel’s tits.

  3. true. still nice though right?

  4. wait was that gay?

  5. yeah. sweet T’s for sure.

  6. i wouldn’t mind sliding myself between that cleave and…

    oh shit – i think i just saw the grilled chee.

  7. I’d suck his in betweens.

  8. shhhh, relax on the titty talk. somebody owns those torps, bros. show some goddamn respect to lady Gurbel. she’s got a pussy like a mancow.

  9. “she’s got a pussy like a mancow.”

    The name is MANCOVEN.

    that’s my name.

  10. this post gave me diarrhea. thank you, from the bottom of my burning anus.

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