It’s Like 11:30 at night, Um… Are you busy?

Come Over, Baby

Look, I know it’s kind of late and everything, and you have work tomorrow – don’t get me wrong, I know how hard you work… in fact I think maybe you’ve been working too hard. I’m a little drunk, you know. Maybe you need a massage or something… No? C’mon, all work and no play is no way to live! Tell you what, I have some dvds, some ice cream and a whole lot of couch space… So come over, come on – just hop in the car – take surface streets, there’s no traffic right now – and stop at a packy on the way, because I’m out of chambord for the Kir Royales I’m going to make you.

We will be completely platonic if you want to… and then we won’t. I’m going to treat you like the princess you are! At least until I fall asleep and then have to wake up and go to work, and you should probably leave before I do so I can lock the door… it’s a safety thing.

We only live once, right? So come on, why not just come over?


2 Responses

  1. this is not fail!

    win! 4 the fact of pic alone.


  2. hahaha – this is anti-fail!


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