From the Makers of Second Life comes… REAL LIFE!

GOD DAMNIT – we were going to have a really witty and insightful joke, but looks like some gravy loving website beat us to it… – oh well… here’s our version anyway…
Real Life - THE GAME

From Linden Labs, the same folks who brought you the internet sensation”second life”, comes a virtual experience like no other… REAL LIFE! Check out all these great features for you and yours:

  • 3D graphics that will blow your mind (if you don’t expect them).
  • Feel the action – because you’re living it!
  • Watch your beauty fade as you grow increasingly discontent in your marriage!
  • Talk with people in real time… using your mouth.
  • Get up / Go to Work / Go Home – EVERY DAY – the fun never ends***!
  • Mask your shame and regret with money – and you will have both shame and regret. No question about that.
  • Now with optional “smell-o-rama” olfactory nerve.
  • Hugs you can FEEL!
  • Use your Real Life car for fast paced driving OR stop and go traffic.
  • Watch your human body deteriorate with age!
  • Struggle to maintain relationships with all the grace of a Thanksgiving turkey.

Get your copy today for the low low price of YOUR SOUL!

*** – The fun ends when you die.


4 Responses

  1. old

  2. more like…..mature.

  3. actually the graphics are 4-d….

  4. 4 Darryls

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