Rejected From The FAIL Blog



Honestly, we love The FAIL Blog (just check Rick’s blogroll). However, we can’t seem to get it right. Our submissions keep getting rejected. Lucky for us, we can put them up here!


41 Responses

  1. Wait a minute one of those kids has the same exact nose, eyes, and mouth as me.

    Shit I need to get off the internet and call my mom right now.

  2. DEAD TWIN !!!

  3. Wait – are you implying that you have dial up and have to get off the internet in order to call yer mom?

  4. Yes, yes I do have to clear up my land line from time to time.

  5. Awes.

    Totally Awes.

  6. Why would you think this is funny?

  7. Hmmm. It spoofs sadness.

  8. wtf is wrong with you people??thats not funny, your sick!

  9. You made the classic mistake of confusing “your” and “You’re”…

    Sorry that YOUR point is not longer valid and that YOU’RE foolish.


    • fuck you sick asshole youre just a disgrace to humanity and dont try to be funny cause theres nothin to be funny about in this picture

  10. Anyone who thinks that picture is funny fails the test of being human. You’re closer to scum.

  11. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great Sunday!

  12. fag

  13. There are some FAIL comments here ;o)

  14. You guys are sick sick bastards for thinking this picture is even a little bit funny.

    • Oh come on – it was actually aborting all the fetus’ and then putting ’em in a bag – that was the part that made us sick bastards, not thinking the picture is funny.

      Wait – and this is important – are those fetus’ or babies? I can never tell when they’re in bags.

  15. Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? The people perform abortions are nothing but sick-ass murderers and anyone who supports abortions or thinks it’s funny are just as bad, if not worse.

    • I disagree. I not only support abortion (or at least the right to it) but also the jokes made about it. I think a good laugh is really what the doctor* ordered when it comes to stuff like that.

      *the doctor at the clinic

      • Why would you support killing innocent lives? What a monster. And your excuse of ‘laughter being what the doctored order’ or whatever it was you said, that’s a pathetic attempt at making an excuse for this sick joke. I’m glad this picture was rejected.

      • me too its really sick how youre all laughing about something that is so terrible youre all fucktards (exept those who think this is fucking sick )

    • thank you !


  17. at least theres no cussing here

  18. why would you support the murder of a child who has had no chance to live? i mean sure killing someone who is 30 is bad but they’ve had a chance to live. a “fetus” ,which is still alive, has not had that chance. once the heart starts to beat it is alive. that is 8 days after conception which is usually before you even know you’re pregnant.

  19. of course youre always getting rejected thats horribly andyou peoplearejust sick if you think its funny theyre dead babys how would you guys feel if you were in that trashcan!

  20. how is this funny? thats fckin terrible!

  21. how is this funny? its freakin terrible!

  22. thats not funny what the hell is wrong with youpeople

  23. this is a disgrace, i am utterly apauled at this picture and i think it is completly disrespectful for you to post this picture.

  24. i DO support abortion. if you were raped by some sicko, would you like to have his child growing inside you??? if yes then you belong in an insane asylum.

  25. thats discusting no wonder fail blog didnt want it take it off the net

  26. wut the fuck this isnt funny…. you are fuckin sick people.. i hope when you die no one burries you and just puts you in a plastic lawn bag and throws you in the dumpster and they laught they’re fuckin asses off..

    • HEY MAN –

      I don’t care what people do when I die – I’LL BE FUCKING DEAD!

      You idiot.

      Go buy a gun and kiss it as you shoot it.

  27. This gave me a nice chuckle, but I am somewhat offended having once been a baby. Whatever though, it’s still funny because they’re dead. I wonder if pro-choice people are shaking their heads at this…

  28. If you think it’s so horrible, don’t look at it. Damn people.

  29. man im fucked up to n i laugh at funny shit but this ones even beyond me O.O

  30. you’re crazy that is terrible you’re fuking assholes realbadfriend you’re a asshole a fucking sick the destroyer you’re a fuckin asshole fuck you

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