Morbidly Heavyweight Rematch

RBF NEWS FLASH! -Following his Wrestlemania knockout over Big Show, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has agreed to a rematch with the 400 plus pounder. Due to contractual obligations, the rematch will be at the Morbid Heavyweight Division. To many in the fake sports world’s surprise, the pound for pound champion has agreed. Now476 McGriddles, 129 Whoppers, 280 Cinnabons, and 89 Shamrock Shakes later, Mayweather has already ballooned to 780lbs, making him a 4:1 favorite in Vegas, despite multiple heart and kidney failures. Blah Blah Blah just look at the funny picture:

mayweather balloons


3 Responses

  1. either that’s his thigh, or all those mcgriddles went to his freshly-shaved nutsack.

  2. hahaha….nice.

  3. I’m confident in saying that Sean Higgins is a pervert.

    A very observant pervert.

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