Soldier of Fortune – Soldier of the Month – Tom Tiff

Tom Tiff is a Corporal in the United States Marines – he’s a Nuclear Babies specialist.

I glowz.

DUTIES: Sitting with Babies while they glow; Extracting concentrated radioactive ions and injecting them into babies; R&D on Baby Glowing; Field duty and paperwork; Removing Nuclear babies from the proximity of other soldiers.

Tours of Duty: BOSNIA, GAZA STRIP (wink), AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ (current)

Favorite Color: Anything sickening and green – oh, and a healthy orange.

Quote: Get away from that baby!

Fun Fact: Tom has crippling bouts of depression.

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2 Responses


  2. The babies don’t have it easy either…

    It’s not easy being green.

    Do you think they’d vote for Doug Obama?

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