On the Way to Cannes… Planning on Proposing Marriage!

Hopefully no one sees Reese and I on our trip… I would hate to rub this in Ryan’s face… We had a heart to heart, Ryan and I – and we really broke it down. His new movie STOP LOSS didn’t do so well, and he’s really upset (oh shit, now you probably know which Ryan I’m talking about… oh well, so much for anonymity.) Needless to say, he’s handling the kids for Reese the next few days, and we’re off to Cannes. It should be super romantic and fun, and if all goes according to plan, I am going to propose marriage to my best friend’s ex-wife… sheesh!

Isn\'t Cannes the COOLEST film festival?

I’ll be twittering on my blackberry for most of the trip (probably even during the movies – Except for INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL – that shit is going to rock!). Do you think it’s rude of me to ask Reese if I can have the window on the flight over there? I’ve never been to Europe before and I really want to see it from the air… Maybe I can trade a backrub for the window seat or something. What do you think?

Also: how am I supposed to tell Ryan that I’m planning on popping the question? PLZ HELP!


2 Responses

  1. #1, you like a weird version of the superhero guido in that pic….i mean still your scrawny self but enormous, its like im having an acid flashback.

    why is he still doing teeney bopper movies like stop loss?

    i say fuck him….not literally/…or what the hell maybe REALLY do it, but that pimp hand down, slap him around and let him know exactly where u stand.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been lifting.

    That’s the other thing – I don’t want to physically intimidate the shit out of him… because Y’know – he’s my boy… and it’s like “bro’s before hoes” usually…

    But Reese is something else, man.

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