Unobtrusive Obstacles Prove No Match For Unimpressive Girl

So, a lot of things have happened to me in the past month or so… A lot of weird and unoriginal things. Stuff that you get bored by just hearing about, never mind seeing. Needless to say, in order to cope with how boring / tedious / monotonous my life is, I started really caring about the banal minutia of every day life, so then – when something really average happens (like a girl hurdling unimpressively small hurdles as if she were a dog in a dog show) I just freak the fuck out.

OMG A Girl Hurdling Dog Show Hurdles - who cares!?

Here’s an example of how I freak the fuck out when totally extra average things happen. Like, it would be one thing if this girl was doing this in the Olympics, and the hurdles were full sized, and she was doing it for charity… but let’s face facts… I overreacted.

Do you have anything that you care about, or even better, freak out about? Have you ever overreacted?


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