From Sea to Shining Semen

Hey Guys,
Just got back to Los Angeles from a romp on the east coast (this is a lie) and I had some pretty hot and heavy intercourse while I was out there. It was the kind of sex that is, well, to be frank… condomless. I probably impregnated at least 4 different women while on the East Coast this trip. And with the rate of return, that should mean about 2.67 more chillun for me to not care for and not know where they are. That’s the way of the single parent, and the single dad.

“How’s this work”, you ask? And I know exactly what you’re asking. You want to know how I can have so many children and not support, love or care for any of them; right? Here’s How:

Where your kids at? Mine are 3000 miles away.

That’s right, homies, I’m a proud member and founding partner of the BCDC, the Bi-Coastal Daddy Club, is America’s first legal association that proliferates having tons of children on the opposite coast from which you live. I mean, think about it – if your girlfriend is in another area code, you’re allowed to cheat… So why shouldn’t you allowed to have some kids 3000 miles away?

Some come one, cum all – make some good looking progeny and then ignore the shit out of them. Alimony be damned. It’s the 90’s, forlks… lert’s harve sorme kirds.

Where are your kids, and how do you avoid them?


2 Responses

  1. its been a long time coming!

    thank god for this, we all know we need the support!

  2. We all know we need the support… but not child support.


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