Wait… Chocolate Iced Cream!? Really?

i didn\'t know!

Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Did you think I already knew?  How could I have missed this? I mean – it’s like two different worlds, comingling in one heartfelt bowl or box.

Crunch style

I knew about chocolate, I mean – who doesn’t? For my seventh birthday I had a big ol’ Crunch bar… Years later I would have some chocolate cake, chocolate flavored brownies, and hell, Dunkaroos are basically cookies and chocolate frosting. But let’s face facts, america – Iced Cream takes the Cake. (Yes indeed, that’s a fun sentence to say)

And it\'s good, baby.

Then chocolate merged with the cold queen of the dairy scene, Iced Cream, do ya know what I mean? That was another fun sentence for you to wrap your mouths around while you say it.

ever have a bowl of ice cream?

And today was the first day I discovered the world of chocolate iced cream for my very own.  It was different than you’d expect – because I was just finishing a burrito, and somehow still hungry.  Then I decided to try chocolate ice cream. I know, right?

Now I don’t think things will ever be the same. What do you think?


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