We can’t pick you up from the airport. We won’t stop flirting with your mom. We won’t stop throwing deep every play in Madden. We will drink your Johnny Walker Blue with Coke. We’re too busy to hang out, we have plans. We spill. You’re the DD. “Sorry”

We will put things on this blog for you – things that we think are funny and you don’t. We are your REAL BAD FRIEND.

We weren’t always your bad friend, or a friend at all, for that matter. You earned your place as our amigo one Friday, while we were strolling along Wilshire, singing “Wheelchair Person” and one or more of us was pee-walking. No big deal.

This blog is mostly for us, but also for you…and Danny, the original real bad friend. R.I.P. Danny – you magnificent cocksucker.

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6 Responses

  1. you should reorder your blogroll, because Andrew Rubin should be more recognized than he is. Also, I’m almost at the bottom, making me look almost unimportant.


    we will.

  3. except that i dont think i can.

  4. I bet he could, but he’s lazy.

  5. I will add you to my blogroll!

  6. Likewise Friend! Thanks Incogman for introducing us!

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