Montauk Monsters = Scary / Hot (a comic con tale)

So there I was at the 2008 Heroes Comic Con Panel in San Diego, running off stage after giving away a few HEROES dvds and explaining away the fact that Jeph Loeb wasn’t on stage yet.  Needless to say, the fans were in an uproar of glee and excitement when he arrived onstage, and even more excitement when the cast walked on… But I was in shambles folks.  Ol’ Jim Martin was in shambles.  I even screamed out loud!

BECAUSE OF THE MONTAUK MONSTER WHO SCARED THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF ME !!!  Right after I ran off, the half dead dog/rodent/turtle thing was all up at the bottom of the stage.  It totally was like “BOO!”

I got over it though – and then it hit me… I called up my boy DJ Doyle, who was in SD working comic-con  with me… and needless to say… DJ has his own little story about this guy and what happened in San Diego.

That’s it for me, (I’m Jim)… Hey DJ, why don’t you tell us what happened at the hotel…

What happens at Comic-Con…

Gets spread around the office the following week. Yup. I’ll own up to it. While Jim was running scared from the Dog-Turtle Monster, I was embracing their awkward be-flippered lovin’. Seems that these two young betties headed down to Comic-Con with little more than the wind at their backs and a song in their piggish hearts.

So you KNOW I swooped in for the kill with my mad skillz. I learned real quick that Durtle Monsters will do just about anything for a warm berth at night…  (The term berth is used to describe a bed on a boat or train… Jim didn’t know this – he’s an idiot.)

And by anything, I’m saying I shagged them.

Hugs and Kisses,