James Franco Tapped to Play Ani Difranco

James Franco to play Ani Difranco

James Franco to play Ani Difranco

Actor James Franco has signed on to play singer/songwriter Ani Difranco her upcoming biopic, “Just One Big Slice: The Ani Difranco Story,” which will begin shooting next week in Saigon.  Franco’s agent said the actor was ecstatic over the chance to represent the singer and feminist icon on the big screen.

When asked about the selection of James Franco, the film’s Director Brian Singer said he chose the star because “his name is close to Difranco.”  However, he wasn’t Singer’s first choice.  The director’s ideal choice was Ani Difranco but producers thought she was back into girls and they thought that represented a negative side to her ouvre.  Franco was already in character last week at the EPK shoot (see below).

James Franco as Ani Difranco

James Franco as Ani Difranco


Morbidly Heavyweight Rematch

RBF NEWS FLASH! -Following his Wrestlemania knockout over Big Show, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has agreed to a rematch with the 400 plus pounder. Due to contractual obligations, the rematch will be at the Morbid Heavyweight Division. To many in the fake sports world’s surprise, the pound for pound champion has agreed. Now476 McGriddles, 129 Whoppers, 280 Cinnabons, and 89 Shamrock Shakes later, Mayweather has already ballooned to 780lbs, making him a 4:1 favorite in Vegas, despite multiple heart and kidney failures. Blah Blah Blah just look at the funny picture:

mayweather balloons

Robin Williams Coming Apart Over Divorce

It was recently reported that actor/comedian Robin Williams and his wife of almost 19 years have filed for divorce. Now, new reports have surfaced that indicate Williams is coming apart at the seams. Williams has been seen masquerading as a transvestite housekeeper, making odd attempts to garner his children’s attention.

Robin Williams as tranny

This certainly won’t help his case for custody, as the comedian has racked up multiple violations of the temporary restraining order. He’s been flooding his ex-wife’s voice-mail with creepy falsetto messages asking if they need a housekeeper, as well as bursting into soccer games being played in the park (see below) by his children.

tranvestite robin Williams burst into soccer game

Circumstances have since hit a critical point and family has recently requested police intervention after Williams made his ethnic kids eat a REALLY fucked up meal consisting of imaginary colored shit.

robin makes a weird meal

Fat Guy Sees Grilled Cheese in Virgin Mary Painting

Fat Guy Sees Grilled Cheese

Lately, The Virgin Mary has been popping up in all sorts of seemingly random items: fences, grilled cheese, dirt stains, bricks etc. The religious will see a sign from their god in any way they think it comes. This kind of pareidolia is quite common in people who are aided by their desire to reinforce their belief in a tangible god. But, as we’ve seen recently with the Illinois-shaped corn flake, pareidolia isn’t just for the religious.

Recently, heavyset Wes Gurbel of Sarasota placed a seemingly typical original Virgin Mary painting ( Madonna Dell Granduca by Raphael) on Ebay. The painting has already reached an astonishing $784.30!! Before you jump out of your overalls thinking “who would pay that much for an original Raphael?,” you may want to take a closer look.

Gurbel claims the painting contains the image of beloved comfort food, grilled cheese. If you looks closely at the halo above baby Jesus, you can see what “appears” to be grilled cheese. Is it a sign from his hungry belly? Whether or not you think its actually grilled cheese rather than just another boring halo by Raphael, doesn’t seem to be impacting the bidding, which is projected to go as high as $1,200.00. It’s really amazing how credulous some fat people can be.

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BREAKING!! Father and Son Victims in Air Show Disaster

Ron Colby (47) and son Winky Colby (11) were the victims of a self-caused mishap at the Spring ’08 Military Airshow in Millville N.J. They accidentally picked the WORST time to get Gyros and missed the COOLEST part of the show.

at the gyro stand

Around 1:12pm Winky told his father that he wanted to get something to eat. Ron, despite a gut-feeling that this was NOT the time to leave their seats, foolishly pandered to his son’s desire. While ordering Gyros, a jet-car (a car with a jet engine) raced a plane and won! It was the “did you see that!?” moment of the entire show.

jet car

Once they got back to their seats, Ron’s current wife and Winky’s current step-mom, Rita, didn’t even know how to break the news. But she did and Ron laughed and said “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?” Winky thought it was funny that his dad said “fuck.”

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