Damn you Tiny David Caruso!

Stop Lurking Caruso.  I wanna see cuteness.

Stop Lurking Caruso. I wanna see cuteness.


Puppy Abduction


They Gotz Me

I hope they have a tiny probe.

The Red Sox of Orange County

Red Sox Catcher Jason Varitek looks like a beefed-up Slade Smiley (from Real Housewives of Orange County).  It’s not opinion.  It’s SCIENCE.  I’ll prove it.  Here is Jason Varitek:

Jason Varitek

Example A: Jason Varitek

Here is Slade Smiley (BTW he’s kind of a fag):

Slade Smiley

Example B: Slade Smiley

These pictures aren’t the best examples.  They really have similar bone structures in the face.  The only difference is that Varitek’s face is much thicker.  I think that’s because Slade probably purges.  But, just to prove my case.  Imagine Jason Varitek purged too.  Would he look like THIS:

Slade Varitek

Slade Varitek



Realbadfriend is alive.