Daly ’08 – Best Golf Game EVER.

The “everyman” golfer is back with a game that combines chain smoking, gluttony, severe alcoholism, the shakes, guy/girl tits AND golf!
  • “Turbo Mode” – Rush through the course after showing up 45 minutes late for your tee time.
  • “Older Ladies Gone Wild” – grab as many titties as you can before your wife finds out.
  • “Marlboro Mode” – Try to match the number of strokes to the number of cigarettes smoked on the hole.
  • “Booze Franchise” – Take your career from promising to shambles by making sure you consume enough alcohol per week to kill a fraternity.”
  • “Create-a-Daly” New weight limit goes from 250lbs -800lbs! Also, now 4 ugly haircuts to choose from (buzz cut, bowl cut, mullet, and prince from Shrek.)
  • “Golf Mode”