Feeling hollow inside? Yeah me too… Let’s make a list.

Things That Are Really Disheartening To Me
  • I couldn’t save her.
  • No store will allow me to redeem my coupon for one free hug.
  • When my weaker kids get taken away in the talons of tiny falcons
  • The fact that you can’t stay pretty.
  • Maury Povich’s exceedingly monogamous relationship with Connie Chung.
  • Stubs where things used to be.
  • Watching my son play videogames, knowing that he’s failing because of the short, short unreliable thumbs he inherited from me.
  • When parents are framed
  • Watching my legs shrink.
  • $.39 hamburger days at McDonalds are only a memory now.
  • When it seems like nobody, including myself know what jungle beards are
  • That the sun only has 1 billion years left
  • The strength of a mother still not being enough to lift the car.
  • I shot a kid
  • Dissecting living things at gunpoint
  • Colonial influence on the otherwise beautiful Phillipino architecture.
  • Falling from high places into crowded streets
  • Invisible enemies
  • Tasers are played out.

    P.S. – What bums you out? C’mawn, drop knowledge in our comments.